Theo's Big News: Writing Is My Drink–the book!

If you’re a close follower of this blog, you might already know that blog posts that begin

Midtown at twilight

with a plaintive “I’m so sorry it’s been so long since my last post” rank high among my blogging pet peeves. But it has been a while.  I’ve been busy. I went to NYC to attend the ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) conference, which was fantastic and which I will write about in my next post.

But now, the big news! Simon and Schuster just bought the North American rights for Writing Is My Drink: A Field Guide for Finding Your Own Voice.  My agent sold the book on a proposal to  S&S editor Anjali Singh, who I got to meet while I was in New York. I immediately liked Anjali and had a feeling that we would work very well together. So, yay! Cupcakes for everyone!

Writing is My Drink: A Field Guide for Finding Your Own Voice will be a hybrid of memoir that tells my own story of finding my voice as a writer and advice and exercises for others seeking their own authentic voice. There will be more in-depth versions of some of the more popular stories from Drink blog, such as Alienated Youth is My Drink and How I Got Through My Worst Block Ever.  The book will come out in paperback at an affordable  price, which I’m very excited about.   But in the meantime, uh, I have to finish writing the book.  A little daunting, but I’ll take daunted over bored every time.

Thank you so much, Drink Readers, for your readership and your enthusiasm for my stories.  You’ve opened up a new adventure for me.

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