No, I Didn't De-Friend You.

With the manuscript for Writing Is My Drink due next month, I decided to take some drastic measures in creating more writing time and protecting it once it’s established.  The first “drastic” step, which really shouldn’t be drastic but somehow is, was to deactivate my Facebook account.  I actually felt a bit nervous before I did it as if I were going completely off the grid. I also worried that people would think I had defriended them and what sort of hellish social fall out might follow.

But once the step was taken, I have to say I felt this almost giddy sense of liberation.  No longer do I need to check a million times a day to see what the same five people are doing.  Half the time I check Facebook, I haven’t made a conscious decision to go to the page, I’ve just somehow landed there.    If you feel like you don’t have time to write, consider a Facebook diet.  Tonight someone told me that the average user spends 1.75 hours on FB a week.  That’s scary.

Also, I’ve pretty much stopped cooking, but don’t tell my kids. I’m hoping they won’t notice.


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