Bring a Friend for Free to Bird by Bird & Beyond!

Image (Update 1/12 at NOON:all buy-one-get-one free ticket have been sold. Holiday Discount tickets still available:

Readers: I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at images of friends and quotes about friendship. Seriously, I don’t recommend this activity unless you’ve got the time to call up those who’ve stood by you forever and tell them how much I appreciate them. I do not have the time today because I’m busy preparing for Bird by Bird and Beyond, but I thought of you faraway friends (Anika! Paula! Jocelyne! Lauren! Others!), and I do appreciate you madly.

Anyhow! The purpose of this post is to tell you this: The next ten signups for Bird by Bird & Beyond will receive a free admission ticket to give a friend. Or an enemy. Up to you.

I will revise this post when the tenth ticket has been sold, but until then, you can sign up two for the price of one.



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